A look into the perovskite solar industry by application

The perovskite solar industry is emerging and becoming a vibrant industry, with dozens of companies that are developing and starting to produce perovskite-based and perovskite-enhanced solar panels, for many applications.

While the industry is still at an early stage, we can see that almost half (43%) of the active perovskite developers are focused on solutions for outdoor applications – mainly roof top and utility scale applications – for generating electricity on a large scale, a replacement for current silicon-based solutions. While this is a challenging area (requires low cost, high performance and very high stability), the size of this market is large and proven. Perovskite has some inherent advantages in this area – low weight, low cost, high return on investment, high efficiency and excellent light absorption properties.


Two additional key application areas are BIPVs and solutions for IoT / Indoor applications (both with a 18% market share). These are nascent markets, but ones in which perovskite PV could offer clear advantages in terms of indoor performance and flexibility of design and production.

In recent years, there’s been an increasing interest in perovskite Agrivoltaics applications. The performance and unique characteristics of perovskite solar panels (for example the ability to absorb a certain part of the light spectrum) make these solutions very suitable for this unique market segment.

This was an except from our recently-published Perovskite for the Solar Industry Market Report.

Posted: Oct 26,2023 by Ron Mertens