The Perovskite for Displays Market Report updated to January 2022

Perovskite-Info is proud to announce an update to our Perovskite for the Display Industry Market Report. This market report, brought to you by the world's leading perovskite and OLED industry experts, is a comprehensive guide to next-generation perovskite-based solutions for the display industry that enable efficient, low cost and high-quality display devices. The report is now updated to January 2022.

Reading this report, you'll learn all about:

  • Perovskite materials and their properties
  • Perovskite applications in the display industry
  • Perovskite QDs for color conversion
  • Prominent perovskite display related research activities

The report also provides a list of perovskite display companies, datasheets and brochures of pQD film solutions, an introduction to perovskite materials and processes, an introduction to emerging display technologies and more.

The Perovskite Handbook - 2022 edition

Perovskite-Info is happy to announce the 2022 edition of The Perovskite Handbook. This book is a comprehensive guide to perovskite materials, applications and industry. Perovskites are an exciting class of materials that feature a myriad of exciting properties and are considered the future of solar cells, displays, sensors, LEDs and more. The handbook is now updated to January 2022 and lists recent developments and new companies, initiatives and research activities.

The Perovskite Handbook

Reading this book, you'll learn all about:

  • Different perovskite materials, their properties and structure
  • How perovskites can be made, tuned and used
  • What kinds of applications perovskites may be suitable for
  • What the obstacles on the way to a perovskite revolution are
  • Perovskite solar cells, their merits and challenges
  • Perovskite QDs, LEDs, and other applications
  • The state of the perovskite market, potential and future

The book also provides: a history of perovskite research, a guide to perovskite companies and developers, information on leading collaboration and development projects, a comprehensive list of perovskite companies, market updates and much more!

Why you should consider advertising on Perovskite-Info in 2022

The perovskite industry is seeing increased interest and R&D efforts, as the materials continue to show how promise for solar and display applications. The perovskite industry is set for an excellent year in 2022, as we expect the first commercial perovskite solar panels to enter the market. If you are looking to promote your company's products and services for the perovskite market, increase industry awareness of your technology, and generate industry leads - Perovskite-Info is the perfect choice!

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A visit to Cyprus University of Technology’s MEP research lab

In October 2021, The Perovskite-Info team met Cyprus University of Technology’s (CUT) Professor Stelios Choulis, who kindly agreed to show us around his workspace and labs and update us on his team’s ongoing work.

Cyprus University of Technology’s MEP research lab - elements cabinet photo

Choulis, Professor of Material Science and Engineering at the Cyprus University of Technology, is also the founder and head of the Molecular Electronics and Photonics (MEP) Research Unit. With work in UK, Germany and the Silicon Valley (USA) under his belt, Choulis is a highly skilled and experienced researcher in the fields of both photovoltaics and OLEDs. He also participated and led several large-scale research programs (ERC-Consolidator Grant European Horizon project, SME-EU FP7, RIF and RPF-Cyprus, BMBF-Germany, DOE-USA).