HZB sets new tandem solar cell world record, using MBRAUN systems

This is a sponsored post by MBRAUN

For years, the Helmholtz-Zentrum in Berlin has been researching the development of highly efficient perovskite tandem solar cells with great success. The HySprint Innovation Lab was founded specifically for this purpose, which cooperates internationally with other research groups as well as with industrial partners.

Many process steps are necessary to produce these highly efficient perovskite cells, which can all be realized together in the HySprint laboratory. A good research environment and high-quality equipment allow researchers to work optimally on their projects. The results at HZB are impressive. In recent years, the researchers have made significant progress in the field of perovskite tandem solar cells and achieved independently certified world record of tandem solar cells.


The Helmholtz-Zentrum was supported in this by the leading glovebox system manufacturer M. Braun Inertgas-Systeme GmbH. Thanks to many years of experience with customized glovebox solutions and the integration of any process system technology, the laboratory could be ideally designed. This allows the high 
demands of modern and efficient research to be met.

In addition to widely used technologies for the solvent-based production of perovskite layers, such as Spin-Coating, industrially suitable and scalable processes such as Slot-Die-Coating or Ink-Jet Printing are also possible. In order to optimally utilize the potential of these coating processes, they require not only an optimal inert atmosphere (O2 & H2O free), but also a very low-particle environment. This prevents negative influences from particle contamination on the substrates. This is realized by a laminar flow glovebox system that optimally combines both requirements. 

An alternative to solvent-based coating technologies is the PVD vacuum deposition technology. In addition to the usual coating methods for organics and metals, an MBRAUN PEROvap system is also available, which was specially developed for the vacuum coating of perovskite materials. With this patented system it is e.g. possible to produce organometal halide perovskites (e.g. methylammonium lead trihalide) in a controlled co-coating process from methylammonium iodine (MAI) and e.g. lead iodine in a controlled and reproducible manner.

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Posted: Apr 06,2023 by Ron Mertens