Japan to promote perovskite solar technology through feed-in tariffs

According to reports, Japan's government plans to advance perovskite  flexible solar power panels through the country's feed-in tariff system, seeking to encourage investment in the technology. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry plans to set the price of energy produced from perovskite cells at 10 yen (6 cents) per kilowatt-hour or more, higher than the current level for solar power, starting as early as fiscal 2025.

Light, flexible perovskite cells can generate electricity in places where traditional solar panel installation is not feasible, such as building walls and windows. The base technology is Japanese, and Japanese companies are involved in vigorous R&D with emphasis on quality and durability. At the same time, Chinese companies have begun mass production and are leading in commercialization.


Japan, with its small land area, has limited room to install solar panels. The spread of perovskite technology could lead to the development of new power generation sites, especially in urban areas.

Feed-in tariffs require power companies to buy electricity generated using renewable energy at a higher price than conventional power for 10 to 20 years. Funded by a levy added to electric bills, the amount paid to the generator is determined each year, depending on location and output.

Details will be worked out by an expert panel in fiscal 2024. Such domestic companies as Sekisui Chemical and Toshiba are working toward commercialization, with Sekisui aiming for 2025.

Intensifying technological competition with overseas companies is pushing the government to support perovskite technology via feed-in tariffs. In conventional solar technology, Japan lost its initial majority share of the global market to price competition with China.

The government is positioning perovskite cells as a pillar of its decarbonization strategy. Japan is the world's second-largest producer of key raw material iodine, making it easy to secure a stable supply.

Posted: Mar 08,2024 by Roni Peleg