Kunshan GCL Photoelectric Materials announces 19.04% efficiency on single-junction perovskite modules (1,000mmx2,000mm)

Reports suggest that China-based GCL (via its new subsidiary Kunshan GCL Photoelectric Materials) has achieved a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 19.04% on a 1,000mm x 2,000mm single-junction perovskite solar module. The result was reportedly officially tested by the China National Institute of Metrology to confirm the results.

The GCL Perovskite team stated it is "delighted to have achieved its goal of surpassing the expected conversion efficiency of 19% for standard-sized perovskite modules, having previously achieved 18.04% conversion efficiency for a single-junction perovskite solar module in November 2023". And the team is one step closer to its efficiency target of 26% for a 2m² (1,000mm × 2,000mm) single-junction perovskite solar module, while focusing on research and development for the next generation of tandem perovskite modules.


In December 2023, GCL's subsidiary Kunshan GCL Photoelectric Materials announced plans to establish an integrated project relating to the perovskite and energy storage industries in Kunshan. The comprehensive cooperation reached between GCL and Kunshan's government involves projects relating to perovskite, energy storage, digital energy, and the digital technology financial center. With the support of Kunshan's government, GCL Perovskite will build the world's first large-scale 2GW perovskite production line in two phases, aiming to create a billion-level industrial base.

Posted: Mar 09,2024 by Roni Peleg