Macnica develops a new air quality sensor that uses perovskite solar cells and semi-solid batteries

Macnica, a Technology Solutions Partner that provides products, services, and solutions, has announced a new type of air quality sensor that uses perovskite solar cells and semi-solid batteries. The sensor uses perovskite solar cells from EneCoat Technologies, a startup from Kyoto University.

It was reported that for several years, an indoor perovskite solar cell effectiveness demonstration project has been taking place in the company's office in Tokyo. Through this demonstration project, it was reportedly demonstrated that the technology can become a sustainable energy source in the future, including use under low illumination, and data on various issues was gathered toward the practical application of perovskite solar cells.


Now, Macnica has leveraged the knowledge gained from this demonstration project to develop a new type of air quality sensor. In order to ensure the long life and safety required for IoT sensors, Macnica has adopted a "semi-solid battery" manufactured by NGK Insulators and installed it inside the sensor. 

The new type of air quality sensor has reportedly been installed since late February in the offices of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, where the demonstration project has been underway since last year, and measurements of air quality monitoring (CO2, temperature, humidity, and illumination) have begun. This sensor is scheduled to be incorporated in the future as part of Indoor air quality monitoring solution "AiryQonnect" that Macnica has launched, and is working to improve the quality of life by improving air quality. 

Posted: Mar 14,2024 by Roni Peleg