Microquanta announces 14.24% efficiency with large-area perovskite solar module

The China-based Microquanta says its research team achieved a 14.24% conversion efficiency record for a large-area (200x800cm2) perovskite solar module. The device has reportedly passed testing by the European Solar Test Installation agency. Also, Microquanta announced a 20 MW perovskite module pilot line.

The business has focused on perovskite cell and module R&D from day one. Last year, Microquanta achieved a lab conversion efficiency record of 17.9% (17.3% stable rate) with its perovskite solar module, and the company then turned to large-area devices.

The Microquanta team initially secured private funding for the business and was then helped by their local government and China's key R&D funding program. In April, state-owned energy company the China Three Gorges Corporation made a strategic investment in Microquanta aimed at perovskite technology research and commercializing perovskite solar.

Posted: Oct 27,2019 by Roni Peleg