Perovskites may enable cheaper, more efficient LEDs

Florida State researchers have developed a cheaper, more efficient LED, or light-emitting diode, using perovskites.

The researchers spent months using synthetic chemistry to fine-tune the materials in the lab, creating a perovskite material capable of emitting a staggering 10,000 candelas per square meter when powered by 12 volts. The scientists say that such exceptional brightness owes, to a large extent, to the inherent high luminescent efficiency of this surface-treated, highly crystalline nanomaterial.

The perovskite material is easily and quickly made, which the researchers hope will translate to cheap, scalable production. LEDs are more efficient than other lighting sources, but adoption in the home has been slow-going due to their relative expense.

Posted: Nov 18,2015 by Roni Peleg


mark (not verified)

sounds impressive but doesn't relate to the normal measure of led efficiency ie lumens per watt ,currently between 50 to 80 . and pretty much all new houses are getting leds now, at $ 20 to $40 per fitting they make sense . cheers MG

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