Quantum Solutions starts offering evaluation samples of next-gen perovskite-QD based X-Ray Scintillators

UK-based Quantum Solutions started to ship evaluation samples of its next-gen perovskite quantum dots (pQD) X-Ray Scintillators. The company says that these scintillators offer very high sensitivity, high light output, high resolution, low afterglow and can be processed on large areas.

Quantum Solutions started developing these materials in 2020, and already managed to increase the light output (brightness) 10 times over. The company says that this is due to the unique perovskite structure that allows to tune the properties by composition, particle sizes/shapes, ligands, etc. The product already matches the performance of commercial CsI(Tl) and GADOX scintillators. The company is working with key customers in the medical field and non-destructive testing field, and are continuing to develop and customize the product.

X-ray scintillators are capable of converting ionising radiation into visible photons. These products have many applications, such as inspection, failure/cracks detection, security X-ray imaging, nuclear cameras, and computed tomography.

Quantum Solutions also offers pQD films for LCD color conversion. In 2020 the company started to offer evaluation samples of QDot SharpGreen Perovskite QDs Film, which is a polymer composite with embedded green emitting Perovskite QDs.

Posted: Jun 13,2022 by Ron Mertens