Researchers demonstrate broad-band lead halide perovskite quantum dot single-mode lasers

A research team from the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics has recently demonstrated perovskite CQDs (colloidal quantum dots) single-mode laser with good performance across the entire visible spectra range.

In this study, a composited microcavity was obtained through the conformal deposition of cesium lead halide perovskite (LHP) CQDs on a high quality individual sub-micron ZnO rod by dip-coating self-assembled techniques. A single-mode lasing with high quality factor and low threshold was obtained.

By tuning the size of ZnO microrods, size of CQDs, and the elements of CQDs, broad-band tunable single-mode lasers can be achieved in the whole visible spectra region.

Experiments, together with theoretical studies, analyzed the physical mechanism and output performance of QDs laser and proposed that the efficient coupling between CQDs and microcavity is key to efficient and high-quality lasing.

Posted: Sep 16,2020 by Roni Peleg