Researchers develop perovskite-based humidity sensors integrated with bulk acoustic wave resonators for motion monitoring

Scientists at South China University of Technology and Guangzhou Aifo Communication Technology have develop fast-response humidity sensors based on all-inorganic lead-free Cs2PdBr6 perovskite integrated with bulk acoustic wave resonators for motion monitoring.

The proposed sensor reportedly exhibits faster response and recovery speed than most other perovskite-based humidity sensors, indicating its potential utilization in real-time monitoring of body movements. In addition, the perovskite-based sensor shows remarkable logarithmic linearity response as well as superior repeatability and stability in the relative humidity range of 11%-85%. 


Owing to its fast response and good stability, the sensor was successfully applied in finger movements monitoring, suggesting the potential of application in human–machine interactions. 

Furthermore, the underlying sensing mechanism of the sensor is analyzed by the Langmuir adsorption model and density functional theory. The results have demonstrated the feasibility of perovskite for humidity detection and more perovskites with similar structures could be also be utilized for further exploration.

Posted: Dec 22,2023 by Roni Peleg