Saule Technologies is a Polish start-up that designed a low-temperature method for manufacturing flexible photovoltaic perovskite cells. The company is working on the development of a flexible and semi-transparent cell based on PET foil.

Saule's aim is to combine perovskite solar cells with other currently available products.

In December 2018, The Henn-na Hotel in Japan, a technologically advanced hotel staffed by robots, installed perovskite solar technology developed by Saule Technologies. The installed commercial prototype is made of 72 perovskite modules encapsulated in curved glass. Also in December 2018, Saule Technologies announced that Skanska has gone through with the installation of the first big format perovskite solar panel provided by Saule Technologies, integrated into its office in Warsaw, Poland. The size of the solar panel being tested on Skanska's Spark office building is 1.3 x 0.9 meters, containing 52 photovoltaic modules.

Saule Technologies has been working on the application of ink-jet printing for fabricating free-form perovskite solar modules since 2014. This technique allows the shapes and areas covered by each layer to be customized according to requirements. The stability and water resistance of the modules make them ideal for the construction industry. The company has conducted advanced research on perovskite applications in solar energy harvesting and optoelectronics with leading international universities in the UK, Israel, Germany, Italy and Spain. With a Japanese investor on board, along with support from the Polish National Centre for Research and Development and several research grants worth more than EUR 20 million, Saule Technologies is working on a large-scale, prototype production line.

In December 2014 in Boston, Saule Technologies unveiled the world's first printed perovskite.

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14B Postepu Str.
02-676 Warsaw

The latest Saule Technologies news:

Saule Technologies gets closer to going public on NewConnect

Saule Technologies, developer and manufacturer of perovskite solar cells, recently announced that it is 'making good progress towards getting listed on the NewConnect Alternative Trading System'.

Saule and its shareholders, including the majority holder, Columbus Elite Global S.A. (formerly Blumerang Investors S.A.), have signed an investment agreement, setting the rules for Columbus Elite Global (CEG) to acquire Saule’s shares. With this transaction, Saule will become part of the CEG capital group, which is listed on NewConnect. In return for transferring their shares to Columbus Elite Global, Saule’s shareholders will get shares in the higher share capital of CEG.

When will perovskite solar panels hit the market?

Perovskite solar panels have been under intensive R&D, and it seems as if commercial production is right around the corner. Some pilot-scale production lines are already functional, and companies are now ramping up production of perovskite panels, using various technologies.

Perovskite consumer solar panel market poll results (September 2021)

UK-based Oxford PV, for example, recently announced that it has completed the build-out of its 100 MW manufacturing site in Germany, and it is on track to start full production in 2022. China's Microquanta Semiconductor perovskite panel factory is reportedly also nearing production (which should have started late 2020, but updates have not been available since), and another China-based company, GCL, has raised around $15 million USD to expand its pilot-scale production factory to mass production (100 MW).

Saule Technologies announces first installation of sun breakers with perovskite solar cells

Saule Technologies recently announced the launch of the first installation of photovoltaic blinds - sun breakers with perovskite solar cells - In Lublin, Poland. This first-in-the-world commercial implementation of perovskite solar cell technology was a collaboration with the client company Aliplast.

The World Premiere of Sun Breaker Installation With Perovskite Solar Modules imageImage from Saule Technologies' website

Saule Technologies, which recently celebrated the opening of its first production line of perovskite solar cells, now marks another milestone in its development in the form of premiering its solar sun blinds with perovskite solar cells on the Aliplast factory facade in Lublin. The first part of the project was completed– sun blinds with over 32m2 of perovskite solar modules were installed.

Researchers at CHOSE and Saule Technologies design a large-area flexible perovskite solar module using a fully scalable deposition technique

Researchers at the University of Rome Tor Vergata's Centre for Hybrid and Organic Solar Energy (CHOSE), in collaboration with Poland-based Saule Technologies, have demonstrated a large-area flexible perovskite solar module with a fully scalable deposition technique.

Stable perovskite solar module on a flexible substrate image

The results show the optimization of PTTA and perovskite layer deposition by blade-coating, with the final fabrication of a flexible perovskite module with a PCE of 10.51% over 15.7 cm2, showing outstanding light stability of FPSM with a T80′ of 730 h and a recovery efficiency in the dark showing a T80″ of 1560 h, the most stable in the literature reported so far.