Solaires and XLYNX team up to ‘unlock full potential of recycled light’

Solaires Enterprises and XLYNX Materials recently announced a collaboration which will focus on building efficient and stable perovskite solar cells to “unlock the full potential of recycled light”. 

The partnership between the two Canada-based companies aims to help engineer the future of solar energy, according to Dr. Sahar Sam, a cofounder of Solaires Enterprises. “Through collaboration with XLYNX Materials, we are one step closer to making solar energy even more sustainable, cost-effective, and accessible,” Sam stated. 


Solaires has developed its own perovskite-based solar technology with efficiencies as high as 35%, while XLYNX—spun out of the University of Victoria—is developing diazirine cross-linking technology to address polymer adhesion challenges.

XYLNX’s proprietary molecular bonding agent, BondLynx, has reportedly been found to be an effective stabilizing agent for perovskite solar cells, improving efficiency and long-term performance in recent studies.

“BondLynx was designed primarily as a molecular adhesive, but researchers working with our diazirine crosslinkers have discovered some pretty exciting new applications for this technology,” explains Sean Bourquin, Director of Strategy with XLYNX Materials. “The stability improvements it made in academic perovskite solar studies were remarkable,” he continued, “so we we’re thrilled to find a neighbor like Solaires—right here in Victoria—to help validate the commercial potential of this application with their perovskite-based solar modules.”

The two companies are working on incorporating XLYNX’s cross-linking technology into Solaires’ perovskite inks to develop high-efficiency indoor solar modules.

Initial results have been “encouraging,” according to a statement by the Companies.

Posted: May 03,2024 by Roni Peleg