Wuxi UtmoLight reports 20.7% steady-state efficiency for its perovskite solar modules

Chinese perovskite PV manufacturer Wuxi UtmoLight has announced ‘a new world record’ for steady-state efficiency on large-size perovskite solar modules. It has achieved 20.7% efficiency on an 810 cm² module. The Company claims to have attained a certification to this efficiency level by China’s National Photovoltaic Industry Measurement and Testing Center. 

UtmoLight says it significantly improved the crystallization of perovskite films by regulating the stress of the perovskite bulk phase and interface during the process of film formation, without sharing other details. The Chinese company has been making efforts to establish industrial production of perovskite modules. Currently operating a 150 MW line in China, it aims to expand to a GW-scale perovskite PV production line.


UtmoLight says the 20.7% efficiency helps it lay a solid technical foundation for the process improvement of its pilot line and the world’s 1st GW-level mass production line to be completed in 2024.

In the future, it aims to use this technical process in larger-sized perovskite modules.

The company says, “In 2024, its technology advancement goals are: the steady-state efficiency of 30*30 cm² small-scale test modules exceeds 21%, and the efficiency of 0.72 m² commercial-sized modules exceeds 20%, which will be produced on the GW-level mass production line that will be put into production in the third quarter.”

Recently, China’s Nanjing University reported 24.5% all-perovskite tandem solar module efficiency on an aperture area of 20.25 cm². It claims this to be the world’s highest efficiency for this category. 

Posted: Mar 02,2024 by Roni Peleg