Wuxi UtmoLight Technology announces 18.2% efficiency for large area perovskite solar module

Chinese perovskite solar PV company Wuxi UtmoLight Technology recently achieved 18.2% power conversion efficiency for an in-house developed large-scale perovskite solar module with an area of 756 cm², as reports suggest.

UtmoLight refers to this as a breakthrough in large size perovskite module technology after having reported the same 18.2% efficiency for a smaller size module with 300 cm² dimension in the past. This shows the module can maintain a high conversion efficiency despite the enlargement of the module area. Mass production of this technology is now becoming mature, it added.

The measurement was confirmed after testing was reportedly done by the Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories (JET) in September 2022.

UtmoLight says its perovskite modules use in-situ solid film, methylamine-free material, interface passivation and defect control technology that help ‘breakthrough the industry pain points of the perovskite industry’ in terms of efficiency improvement. It also clears obstacles for the commercial mass production of perovskite.

“Among them, the “in-situ solid film” process solves the pain point of large-scale mass production technology from the film formation mechanism. The innovative process has a wide window and is easy to achieve large-scale crystallization control,” stated the Company. “The prepared perovskite film is oriented and crystallized with larger grain size and fewer defects, ensuring that high quality can still be obtained while the process area is enlarged.”

UtmoLight is currently running trial production on its 150 MW module production line, which it says is the ‘world’s largest’ for perovskite solar.  It now is prepping to start construction on the ‘world’s 1st’ GW level perovskite production line in Wuxi, in early 2023.

Back in April 2021, the Company achieved 20.5% efficiency for its mini perovskite solar module with a designated area of 63.98 cm² and claimed it to be the highest record efficiency generated by a perovskite solar module globally.

Posted: Oct 17,2022 by Roni Peleg