CSoT demonstrates a 6.6" 384x300 OLED display that uses perovskite quantum dots for color conversion

China-based display maker China Star (CSoT, a subsidiary of TCL) demonstrated a 6.6-inch 384x300 OLED display that uses perovskite quantum dots as a color conversion film.

CSoT is using blue OLED emitter materials, and a perovskite layer to up-convert the color to green (this is a monochrome prototype - evidently a very early prototype). CSoT brands its perovskite-OLEDs as PE-OLED and we believe this is the first time a perovskite-enhanced display has been publicly demonstrated.

It is quite possible that quantum dots will be the first commercial perovskite application, as the display industry is looking for alternative materials for QD-enhanced displays - more efficient materials and more cost effective ones.

CSoT 6.6'' perovskite OLED prototype photo (SID DisplayWeek 2019)

Interestingly CSoT demonstrated a similar QD-OLED display with the same specification, but one that uses non-perovskites QDs.

The video also shows other exciting CSoT display technologies - flexible, foldable and transparent OLED displays, ink-jet printed OLEDs, micro-LED displays and more.

CSoT 6.6'' perovskite OLED specification (SID DisplayWeek 2019)

Posted: Jul 14,2019 by Ron Mertens