EneCoat announces a verification operation of perovskite solar cells in IoT CO2 sensors terminal in Tokyo Metropolitan Government facilities

EneCoat Technologies has announced a collaboration with Macnica, a total service and solution provider in semiconductors, networking, cyber security, and AI/IoT. In addition, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has announced that it has started verification operation of IoT CO2 sensor terminals equipped with perovskite solar cells (PSCs).

EneCoat has been developing PSCs optimized for IoT terminals in terms of power generation capacity and shape, and has been conducting verification operation of air quality sensors employing PSCs made in collaboration with Macnica since last year. To further advance the efforts, the agreement for the verification operation was signed by Macnica, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and EneCoat. By having the Tokyo Metropolitan Government provide offices within the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building as an environment for air quality monitoring operation, Macnica, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and EneCoat will be able to further advance the study and verification of the mass production of IoT sensors equipped with PSCs.


Roles in the Demonstration Experiment:

  • Macnica Corporation:
    Provision of sensors and systems with perovskite solar cells, installation, measurement, dissemination of the project, etc.
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government:
    Provision of Tokyo Metropolitan Government facilities for the verification experiment, overall coordination of the project, dissemination of the project, etc.
  • EneCoat Technologies:
    Provision of perovskite solar cells, verification of power generation performance, dissemination of the project, etc.
Posted: Jun 21,2023 by Roni Peleg