Enel Green Power and the CEA announce 27.1% for a tandem solar cell with PIN architecture

Researchers from the CEA at INES, ENEL Green Power and its subsidiary 3SUN in Catania, are developing tandem perovskite technology on silicon with two terminals to achieve the highest yields that can be industrialized as quickly as possible. They have announced a new record for a PIN architecture cell with a conversion efficiency of 27.1% on 9 cm² with shading correction.

The CEA and 3SUN had previously reported results of 26.5%, for the same tandem cell of PIN architecture on 9cm² and with shading correction. The device with an active area of ​​9 cm² has a Voc greater than 1900 mV. 


The team stated that it will keep working on these cells and is eager to present the next exciting results.

Posted: Jun 09,2023 by Roni Peleg