Microquanta reports 20.2% efficiency on small perovskite module

Chinese perovskite module maker Microquanta has reported 20.2% conversion efficiency on a 20cm2, 'third generation' solar cell. The Company said the result had been confirmed by Vhinese government's 'China Institute of Metrology'.

Microquanta said it takes stability and conversion efficiency as two fundamentals of perovskite solar modules and believes, with the help of improved efficiency and stability, the commercialization of such devices will be greatly accelerated.

Microquanta has focused on perovskite solar since its foundation in 2015 and, in October 2019, achieved a record 14.24% conversion efficiency on a large-area (200x800cm2) perovskite solar module. Two months later, the company's perovskite module passed the IEC stability test. In July 2018, Microquanta reached a new conversion efficiency record. In August 2020, reports out of China suggested that a perovskite photovoltaic cell production line was established and went into production in Quzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province. It was reportedly funded by Microquanta Semiconductor.

Posted: May 19,2021 by Roni Peleg