Oxford PV declares perovskite solar cells on the market within a year

Oxford PV's Professor Henry Snaith recently stated that the Company's perovskite-based solar cells are scheduled to go on sale next year.

Professor Snaith said: "Perovskite PV has demonstrated its immense opportunity to transform solar energy generation... I am especially looking forward to the next 12 months and seeing our first commercial perovskite-silicon solar product on the market."

The product that is planned for release in mid-2021 consists of perovskite solar cells integrated with standard silicon solar cells.

The company says that the combination of industry-standard solar PV panels with the perovskite cells will significantly increase power output, and, most importantly, provide more affordable clean energy.

Professor Snaith is seen as one of the pioneers of this field, and he recently received the Becquerel Prize to honor his significant contributions to the use of perovskite crystal in solar panels.

Posted: Sep 10,2020 by Roni Peleg