Researchers develop coating for improved wettability and enhanced carrier lifetimes in perovskite solar cells

Researchers from the University of Surrey, the University of Warwick and the University of New South Wales have reported a nanoscale “ink” coating of aluminum oxide on metal halide perovskite, that stabilizes the drop in energy output that presently plagues perovskite technology.

"In the past, metal oxides have been shown to either benefit or degrade the performance of perovskite solar cells. We’ve identified aluminum oxide which can improve performance and minimize the drop in efficiency during conditioning of perovskite solar cells", said Hashini Perera, Study Lead Author, University of Surrey.


Perera added: “We show that this nano-oxide allows a uniform coating of perovskite material on highly promising organic molecules that self-assemble on a surface and improve device output.”

Dr. Imalka Jayawardena from the University of Surrey’s Advanced Technology Institute said: “Performance limits of traditional solar cells are why researchers are switching to examining perovskite as the next-generation solar technology, especially as applications both terrestrial and in space are rapidly growing. Our key development in solar panel technology shows a cost-effective approach to scaling of perovskite solar cells, a development which could help countries around the world to reach their net zero targets faster.”

Posted: Sep 23,2023 by Roni Peleg