Researchers report perovskite nanowires-based graphene plasmonic waveguides with low loss and low gain threshold

Researchers at China's Huanghe Science and Technology University, Zhengzhou Normal University and Zhongke Weike Technology (Henan) Co., Ltd have designed a perovskite nanowire-based graphene plasmonic waveguide, where the perovskite nanowire is located on the graphene-insulator-metal (GIM) platform. The findings of this work could have potential applications in plasmonic waveguide-based devices, such as lasers, modulators, sensors, etc.

The finite element method was used in order to investigate the impact of the perovskite nanowire radius, graphene layer thickness, Fermi energy level of the graphene, thickness of the low index dielectric layer, and permittivity of dielectric layer on the mode properties. The results indicate that the hybrid mode exhibits very low propagating loss and ultra-high figure of merit. 


Also, when the radius of the perovskite nanowire exceeds 200 nm, an ultra-low gain threshold below 0.1 μm−1 could be achieved. 

In the team's proposed perovskite nanowire-based graphene plasmonic waveguide, the perovskite nanowire is positioned on the graphene layer separated from the Ag substrate by a thin SiO2 layer. The proposed structure contains a graphene-insulator-metal (GIM) platform, where the acoustic plasmon modes could be excited when the thickness of insulator layer is small enough. 

Posted: Oct 23,2023 by Roni Peleg