Saule Technologies launches sunbreaker lamellas assisted by perovskite solar cells

Poland-based Saule Technologies that develops flexible photovoltaic cells based on perovskite technology, recently launched sunbreaker lamellas equipped with perovskite solar cells. In a market full of potential and promises but still low on commercial products, it is definitely encouraging to see the launch of a product such as this.

Saule Technologies presents a product to revolutionize the photovoltaic market image

The product presentation took place in cooperation with partners Somfy and Aliplast. The company intends to commercialize the sunbreakers in cooperation with the company to be selected in a tender. The first presentation of the product took place at Silesia Ring track during an event attended by representatives of the management of several dozen of the largest Polish companies from such industries as logistics, retail, FMCG, telecommunications and real estate. The product presented during the premiere included an automation system and smart cover control by Somfy, and an aluminum construction provided by Aliplast.

The lamellas presented by Saule Technologies can also be compatible with roof-mounted weather stations. Thanks to continuously updated data, they automatically change their position relative to the position of the sun to ensure thermal and visual comfort for building users regardless of the season.

The system allows for integration with almost every BMS (Building Management System) automation and fits squarely into current smart building and smart house trends. The lamellas can be adjusted to customer's preferences, starting from the material used, such as aluminum, wood, glass or plastics, through the shape and width, ending up with the color.

Additionally, the solution protects the building from overheating or excessive cooling, significantly reducing the operating costs of air conditioning and heating in all types of buildings.

Since perovskite cells are less costly to produce than their silicon counterparts and are flexible, lightweight, ultra-thin and semi-transparent, manufacturing them translates into considerably reduced energy consumption, lower production costs and the possibility of using various substrate surfaces, including films or textiles. Perovskite cells can generate energy from artificial light and, unlike silicon panels, are efficient even with sunrays falling at angles other than 90 degrees. This advantage over silicon cells, together with a very low weight makes it possible to mount them even on vertical facade elements.

During the premiere, Saule Technologies stated that it is planning a tender for a product license for Europe. The winner will get the opportunity to sell the solution exclusively on the entire continent or in selected markets.

Posted: Oct 12,2020 by Roni Peleg