Graphene Flagship's GRAPES project to promote graphene-enabled perovskite solar panels

The Graphene Flagship, a $1 billion European graphene initiative, has launched a new Spearhead Project called GRAPES, that aims to make cost-effective, stable graphene-enabled perovskite solar panels.

The project will set out to play an essential role in improving Europe's uptake of solar energy projects by improving the stability and efficiency of this technology when deployed on a large scale. As a European Commission funded project, the Graphene Flagship GRAPES initiative has been established to help Europe meet its ambitious sustainability goals.

To address the limitations of perovskite cells, Graphene Flagship partners Greatcell Solar, BeDimensional and Siemens are introducing graphene and related materials (GRM) based layered technology to boost the performance and stability of perovskite cells to a new record level. The end goal is to use the graphene-enabled perovskite cells in functional perovskite panels, tested in the field.

During the project, a formal identification of two suitable locations for fully-fledged perovskite plant test beds will take place. The project will conclude with a final report on the outdoor tests of graphene perovskite panels, to inform the wider industry on the true potential of this layered material application and to take graphene-enabled perovskite technologies out of the laboratory and into industry.

Posted: May 11,2021 by Roni Peleg