GreatCell unveils its perovskite-based solar cells commercialization roadmap

GreatCell Solar recently released a fascinating commercialization schedule for perovskite solar cells, as part of the Company's quarterly report. The schedule includes two timelines, one for glass and one for metal.

GreatCell commercialization timeline image

The glass section has 2018 as the year in which pilot lines will be set up, and 2019 as a production target. The metal section sees 2018 as a year focused in prototypes, 2019 on pilot lines and 2020 as a production timeline goal. This seems to be an encouraging aim and hopefully the actual progress will live up to expectations. We will certainly stay updated!

In December 2017, Greatcell Solar announced that it has signed a funding agreement with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) for a 6 million AUD (around $4.5 million USD) grant. Also in December 2017, Perovskite-Info conducted an interview with GreatCell's Managing Director, Richard Caldwell, which kindly described the Company's current technology and future plans - and his views on the perovskite market.
Posted: Jan 31,2018 by Roni Peleg