How to invest in Perovskites

Last updated on Mon 06/03/2023 - 15:58

Perovskites hold great potential for a variety of applications. In recent years, there have been massive investments into perovskite R&D, and many to believe that these materials will become true gamechangers, mostly in the solar market. Investors who believe perovskites have a bright future, are looking for ways to take part in this future growth story.

Currently, the solar market is the most prominent perovskite application - and many analysts believe that perovskites will enable cheaper and more efficient solar panels. Perovskites can also be used in the display industry, the lighting industry and more.

How to invest in perovskite materials

Perovskite materials great potential notwithstanding, it seems that investing in this industry is not an easy task, as there are no real 'pure-play' public perovskite companies.

Listed below are some of the options that are available, albeit in a somewhat 'indirect' way:

Oxford PV: The UK-based company is one of the leaders in the perovskite photovoltaics field, and is progressing towards building a tandem silicon-perovskite solar panel plant. Oxford PV raised a large amount of money and has received a large investment from Meyer Burger (which held a 18.8% stake in Oxford PV back in 2019, it may have diluted since). As Meyer Burger is a public company (trades in Switzerland, ticker is SWX: MBTN) this could be considered an indirect investments in Oxford PV.

Meyer Burger's market cap is $1 billion, though, and so its stake at Oxford PV is not large relatively.

Saule Technology: Saule Technologies, based in Poland, developed a technology to produce perovskite PVs using an inkjet printing process. The company has several interesting projects, and in April 2021 announces plans to go public through a reverse merger of a shell company Blumerang Investors, noted in Warsaw’s New Connect market. When this 'IPO' is executed, investors will be able to easily invest in Saule.

Aixtron: If perovskites take off, equipment makers that specialize in perovskite production may enjoy a spike in orders. One such public company is Germany-based Aixtron, a public company that trades in both Germany and in the USA.