Imec and Solliance create perovskite PV modules with 12.4% efficiency

Imec, a leading research and innovation hub in nano electronics, energy and digital technologies, and partner in Solliance, announced that it has improved its 4x4cm2 perovskite module achieving a certified conversion efficiency of 12.4%.

Imec and Solliance achieve 12.4% efficiency image

The module efficiency was measured under long-term maximum power point (MPP) tracking, testifying to its exceptional stability. At Solliance, this perovskite technology is developed with industrially-applicable processes and with a view towards a rapid market introduction of this promising source of renewable energy.

These perovskite modules were made at imec using an advanced method for the active layer and a process that achieves a very high aperture area efficiency in combination with a high operational device stability. In the current design, eight cells are connected in series by using a low area loss interconnection technology based on laser and mechanical patterning. Due to this optimization, about 90% of the designated illumination area of 16cm2 is contributing to the energy generation. The remarkable device stability and performance is represented by the 12.4% power conversion efficiency under more than ten minutes maximum power point tracking as certified by Fraunhofer ISE.

This work seems to follow up on Solliance's demonstration of an industrially-applicable roll-to-roll process for the production of solar cells achieving a record 12.6% conversion efficiency on cell level.

Posted: Apr 11,2017 by Roni Peleg