Oxford PV pushes toward commercializing tin-using perovskite solar cells

Oxford PV has shared its plan to bring to market a tin-using, perovskite-based solar cell by the end of next year, according to International Tin Association (ITA). Compared to lead, it is hoped that tin can be a safer, more efficient element in the photovoltaic cell.

'Our perovskite solar cell technology will allow silicon solar cell and module manufacturers to break through their performance barrier,' Oxford PV says on its website. Voices have been heard that Oxford PV has managed to successfully the stability issue and can now bring the technology to the market.

'Significantly improving the performance of silicon photovoltaics, will allow cost reductions, that transform the economics and accelerate the growth of solar energy generation globally,' the Company said.

Oxford PV is re-purposing a factory acquired from Bosch Solar in 2016 and is looking to produce the silicon-perovskite tandem cells in a familiar package, which can be installed in the same way as traditional solar panels. The company believes this will be a half-step which will make it easier to introduce the technology to the market. Due to its semi-transparent nature, perovskite-based PV technology can also be applied to glass, which can be installed in the place of traditional windows.

Posted: Jun 04,2019 by Roni Peleg