Saule Technologies announces first installation of sun breakers with perovskite solar cells

Saule Technologies recently announced the launch of the first installation of photovoltaic blinds - sun breakers with perovskite solar cells - In Lublin, Poland. This first-in-the-world commercial implementation of perovskite solar cell technology was a collaboration with the client company Aliplast.

The World Premiere of Sun Breaker Installation With Perovskite Solar Modules imageImage from Saule Technologies' website

Saule Technologies, which recently celebrated the opening of its first production line of perovskite solar cells, now marks another milestone in its development in the form of premiering its solar sun blinds with perovskite solar cells on the Aliplast factory facade in Lublin. The first part of the project was completed' sun blinds with over 32m2 of perovskite solar modules were installed.


The blinds not only protect the building from extremen temperatures but also significantly reduce the cost of air conditioning and heating. At the same time, they produce clean energy from solar illumination.

Thanks to the Animeo automation system from Somfy, the profiles with perovskite modules cooperate with the weather station installed on the roofs. Using live weather data and sun-tracking, they automatically change their alignment with the movement of the sun. This solution ensures the facility's energy efficiency and guarantees thermal comfort and protection against too harsh light for the building users ' regardless of the season.

'The implementation of the system is possible in any building type. Therefore, I believe that this is the beginning of a revolution in the world of photovoltaics,' said Jan Kidaj, president of the management and board member of Aliplast Sp. z o.o.

Saule Technologies perovskite sun blinds can be tailored to customer preferences, ranging from the material used, such as aluminum, wood, glass, or plastics, through shape and width, to color.

Posted: Aug 26,2021 by Roni Peleg