Avantama demonstrates its perovskite QDs at SID Displayweek 2018

Switzerland-based Avantama demonstrated its perovskite quantum dots at Displayweek 2018. QDs are currently used as color down-conversion films to turn the emission of blue LEDs to white light.

Currently used QDs are either Cadmium-based or Indium-based, and Avantama claims that its pQDs outperform both technologies by a wide margin (3X CdSe, 12x InP), which means that using these will enable much more efficient QD-LCDs. Of course pQDs contain lead, but the amount is very small and it is way below the thresholds required by the EU and other countries.

Avantama says it is the leading perovskite QD producer (there were two other pQD companies at Displayweek, and we will soon cover these as well) and its materials are ready for commercialization. Avanatama has an annual capacity of over 1 million sqm of QD films. It is highly likely that QDs will be the first commercial application of perovskite materials!

Posted: Jun 04,2018 by Ron Mertens