Perovskite QD films get closer to market - Avantama qualifies its green pQD display film

An exciting application for perovskite QDs, which is likely to be the first commercial adoption of pQDs, is for the display market - films that convert blue LED LCD backlight to green.

Switzerland-based nanomaterial developer Avantama told us that the company passed the OEM qualification with its green pQD film, together with a KSF phosphor solution on the LED chip. Avantama expects the first commercial LCD display to adopt this solution to hit the market in 2021.

This is certainly an exciting development, and it will be excellent to see perovskites enter the commercial display market.

Avantama perovskite QDs vs industry standards (brightness, BT2020 coverage)

Avantama is not the only company that develops this technology, but it certainly seems to be one of the leading ones. A few months ago, Singapore-based Nanolumi unveiled several display prototypes that adopt the company's perovskite quantum dots films.

Last year, Chinese display maker China Star (CSoT, a subsidiary of TCL) demonstrated a 6.6-inch 384x300 OLED display that uses perovskite quantum dots as a color conversion film. Other perovskite QD film developers include UK-based Helio Display Materials, Saudi Arabia-based Quantum Solutions and China-based Zhijing Nanotech. According to our information, Apple is also interested and is developing such technology.

Posted: Oct 24,2020 by Ron Mertens