Saule Technologies enters agreement on perovskite PV for building projects

Saule Technologies, Columbus Energy and Somfy Polska have signed a strategic cooperation agreement focused on developing innovative solutions for existing buildings and building projects under construction.

This recent agreement finalizes the understanding which the companies made in August 2021 on the occasion of launching the commercial application of Saule Technologies' sun blinds, which are sun breakers with perovskite solar cells.

Somfy, as one of the leaders of housing and building automation market and smart home systems, opens up new opportunities for Saule and Columbus, and provides access to its customers and products solutions.

'We are planning to create several new products based on perovskite cells, including at least three from the BAPV, B2B utility-scale and B2C categories. Having outstanding state-of-the-art energy experts and world class manufacturer of building automation systems, we are able to develop solutions which have the chance to revolutionize the green construction sector,' said Piotr Krych, management board representative at Saule S.A.

'In March 2021, the European Commission clearly marked out the digital development direction by 2030. Saule Technologies presented its response to this call in November 2021 for the first time during the première of PESL ' Perovskite Electronic Shelf Label. Cooperation with Somfy is yet another step on our way to open up to new markets, where perovskite cells will be used in the IoT sector to digitalize the B2B utility-scale sector - in factories, warehouses, etc. - and the B2C sector. We are sure that our joint efforts, coupled with the uniqueness of perovskite cells, will allow full process automation with the use of perovskite cells, electronic systems, predictive solutions, AI, big data and advanced IT solutions, with a view to accelerating the transformation of EU economies,' said Artur Kupczunas, VP of the Management Board, Saule S.A.

Posted: Apr 17,2022 by Roni Peleg