Microquanta announces its perovskite water-farming PV power station is connected to the grid

Microquanta has reported that its novel perovskite-based PV power station is now connected to the grid. The Company referred to it as a "perovskite commercial rooftop power station", erected over the water for fish farming applications. 

The perovskite power station is located in Qujiang district, Quzhou City, which is rich in water sources and farming. According to local conditions, it adopts the "onboard power generation and offboard farming" model. The installed capacity of the first phase is around 260 kW. The owner is Qujiang Construction Investment. 

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Microquanta and Xiaer Tela enter agreement to develop perovskite floating PV applications

Perovskite solar developer Microquanta and Xiaer Tela, a company specializing in floating PV applications, recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement to develop water surface perovskite applications and various floating solar products. 

The Companies will jointly develop perovskite PV related products and power generation systems suitable for inland and offshore floating, and provide full-cycle support and services.

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When will perovskite solar panels hit the market?

Perovskite solar panels have been under intensive R&D, and it seems as if commercial production is right around the corner. Some pilot-scale production lines are already functional, and companies are now ramping up production of perovskite panels, using various technologies.

Perovskite consumer solar panel market poll results (September 2021)

UK-based Oxford PV, for example, recently announced that it has completed the build-out of its 100 MW manufacturing site in Germany, and it is on track to start full production in 2022. China's Microquanta Semiconductor perovskite panel factory is reportedly also nearing production (which should have started late 2020, but updates have not been available since), and another China-based company, GCL, has raised around $15 million USD to expand its pilot-scale production factory to mass production (100 MW).

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Microquanta reports 20.2% efficiency on small perovskite module

Chinese perovskite module maker Microquanta has reported 20.2% conversion efficiency on a 20cm2, 'third generation' solar cell. The Company said the result had been confirmed by Vhinese government's 'China Institute of Metrology'.

Microquanta said it takes stability and conversion efficiency as two fundamentals of perovskite solar modules and believes, with the help of improved efficiency and stability, the commercialization of such devices will be greatly accelerated.

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Perovskite Solar Panel efficiency, current market status

This article is an extract from The Perovskite Handbook, 2020 edition, and explains the current market status of Perovskites Solar Panels.

Solar Panels is the most prominent potential perovskite application, as synthetic perovskites are recognized as inexpensive base materials for high-efficiency commercial photovoltaics. Perovskite PVs are constantly undergoing research and improvement, going from just 2% in 2006 to over 23% today, and constantly improving. Experts forecast that the market for perovskite PV will reach $214 million in 2025.

Solar research-cell efficiencies chart (NREL, 2019)

Power efficiency is obviously a key metric for solar power technologies. In this article we'll explain how solar system efficiency is defined and the current power efficiency market status of PSCs.

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Microquanta announces 14.24% efficiency with large-area perovskite solar module

The China-based Microquanta says its research team achieved a 14.24% conversion efficiency record for a large-area (200x800cm2) perovskite solar module. The device has reportedly passed testing by the European Solar Test Installation agency. Also, Microquanta announced a 20 MW perovskite module pilot line.

The business has focused on perovskite cell and module R&D from day one. Last year, Microquanta achieved a lab conversion efficiency record of 17.9% (17.3% stable rate) with its perovskite solar module, and the company then turned to large-area devices.

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Microquanta reaches 17.9% efficiency for perovskite solar mini-module

Microquanta Semiconductor has announced reaching "a new world record of 17.3% conversion efficiency for perovskite solar mini-module under newly established testing protocols for perovskite devices". This result was reportedly certified by the international test center Newport Corp.

Under these new protocols, the stabilized 17.3% efficiency rating was for a 7-cell perovskite solar module with designated illumination area of 17.277 cm2. The best device reached an even higher number of 17.9% with conventional testing methods. The desired efficiency was achieved by further optimizations of perovskite materials and manufacturing processes. This is the company's fourth continuous breakthrough regarding efficiency of perovskite solar modules and the first one under new internationally accepted protocols. Since 2017, Microquanta had pushed the efficiency record up from 15.2% to 16%, and then to above 17% before this new accomplishment.

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Microquanta reports conversion efficiency of 16% for perovskite mini-module

Microquanta Semiconductor logo Chinese perovskite materials startup Hangzhou Microquanta Semiconductor has reported that a 16-cm2 perovskite mini-module, certified by testing firm Newport in Montana, US has achieved a 16% conversion efficiency.

According to Microquanta, the perovskite mini-module 16% efficiency was achieved only three months after setting a prior record of 15.2%. Progress was made, primarily due to the focus on improving the deposition uniformity for large area thin films.

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Microquanta reports 15.24% efficiency perovskite-based PV modules

Microquanta Semiconductor, a China-based thin-film PV firm, has announced a new efficiency record for perovskite mini-modules: 15.24%, certified by Newport PV Lab in Montana, US. The tested mini-module has an aperture size of more than 16 cm2.

Microquanta said that by passing the 15% efficiency milestone for the first time, it has moved significantly closer towards commercialization of perovskite solar cells. It also claimed that perovskite mini-modules are desirable since they can reduce the manufacturing cost of current c-Si based solar cells by between 60-80%.

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